Clan Policies and Procedures

Clan Policy

We follow the 5 star principles.

Star 1 – Loyalty

Star 2 – Friendship
Star 3 – Honour
Star 4 – Teamwork
Star 5 – Have Fun

Star 1 – Loyalty
  • At all times whilst gaming you represent The 55's, wear your tags with pride and always act and behave with the clan's image and best interests at heart.
Star 2 – Friendship
  • Show courtesy and respect to all members and players, both in and out of game. 
Star 3 – Honour
  • We have zero tolerance towards racism, bullying and any other serious forms of persecution or disrespect.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating/hacking/exploit or any behavior that promotes unfair advantage of any kind.
Star 4 – Teamwork
  • A member of The 55's plays for the team not for himself but, for the clan and his comrades.​
  • We expect our soldiers to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield for the greater good of the clan.​
Star 5 – Have Fun
  • No point playing if you don't enjoy it! Everyone likes to win and this is why we also play competitively, but we always maintain that fun comes first.

Application Policy
  • Space is limited to Ten (10) active members
  • Cannot be a member of another clan
  • Must be 21+ years old
  • Applicants will wear the tag [p55] to be enlisted as a "private"
    • If accepted, you will be blessed to wear the official tag [55's]
  • There is a trial period of 2 weeks (or longer) to determine your eligibility
  • Minimum equipment requirements
    • Microphone/Headset
    • Active PSN Subscription (for multiplayer)
    • PlayStation Console
    • Clan Supported Game
    • Discord Account (linked to PSN)
Application Steps
  1. Agree to follow the policies
  2. Join the chat and introduce yourself. 
    • You must use your PSN ID name as your name in-chat
  3. Fill out the application form 
    • Announce on the chat that you filled out the form
    • Your application status will be posted on the chat and your role updated.
  4. Visit the active members list, in the chat and add all "New" and "Active" members on PSN
    • Let them know you are applying to The 55's when adding them!
  5. Provide your available dates and time for onboarding and orientation meetings

Member and Application Status

Status Description
Applicant (New) New applicant / Recruit. Welcome to The 55's!
Member: Active Current active member of The 55's (active on: chat, forum, and in-game). Successfully completed your trial period, attended onboarding meeting, attended orientation meeting, and fulfilled all clan requirements
Member: LOA You are a current member on Leave Of Absence for 1-4 weeks. Your place in the roster will be set to "reserved" and you will jump to the front of the queue on your return
Member: Inactive You are a member who did not return after your LOA, or had no activity for 2 weeks, or was absent without leave (AWOL). You will be removed from the roster and placed at the end of the queue in order to give others a chance to play.
Under Review Your application is currently under review.
Ineligible You do not meet the eligibility requirements and do not qualify based on the clan policies.
Withdraw You withdrew your application from the 55's or Left the clan
No Show You did not show up on the forums, chat, or in-game. Failed to setup or show up for onboarding/orientation meetings, failed to be present during your trial period after submitting your application.

Website Policy
  • No spam whatsoever. Any spam and your account will be deleted and your IP banned.
  • Any posts containing inappropriate content such as pornography, racism etc. will be immediately removed and the user liable to losing membership and all access to our website.
Recruitment Policy
  • All member are encouraged to recruit however, this is optional.
  • Once spots are filled, the recruitment will be closed.