The 55′s BF4 fight on

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Join us in the fight for a BF4 ladder on ps4. There have been gaming web sites, that provided ladders for the game BF4 in the start when it was released . However’ he ladders fell and died because of the major bugs and issues the game had at the start. This has made a  [ Read More ]

Battlefield Hardline Beta review.

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What I personally think of Battlefield Hardline beta. First of all, I am a fan of battlefield. I have been around and played every battlefield since battlefield 1942. I am a veteran, and know the battlefield franchise inside out, and  I am sure you do to. You might call me a fanboy, or not. But  [ Read More ]

Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta

Posted by toontonic On February 2, 2015 1 COMMENT

Its here, Feb 3rd 2015 and a taste of the next instalment of Battlefield shall be in your hands. This gives EVERY single one of us the chance to get a feel for the game and gauge if its the direction The 55′s want to take. Beta is available on PS4 & PS3, Release times  [ Read More ]

Shout out to The 55′s newest Full Members

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The latest p55′s to earn there stripes through The 55′s application process are: XxADvaNTaGExX96 The_dragon382 Ciacco123 Allisonshubby91 Great effort put in, We look forward to seeing you add to the great history alongside your new comrades. The 55′s

New Age is Upon Us! (April Fools)

Posted by Xx_BROLY_xX On March 31, 2013 8 COMMENTS

Hello soldiers, With the mixed reviews of the latest Call of Duty, Black Ops II, the great Leaders of the 55′s have made an executive decision on taking our great talents somewhere else. We will begin our brutal domination in the next great MP, My Little Pony Online. We are looking for experienced soldiers to  [ Read More ]

The 55′s Now on TwitchTV

Posted by Xx_BROLY_xX On September 12, 2012 2 COMMENTS

Thanks to one of our great clan members Steelwalker89 we are now on, the best video game streaming website. He will be broadcasting after 5pm EST on most nights to show you what The 55′s are made of! You can check it out on our Live Stream page here at or directly HERE  [ Read More ]

Welcome to The 2012 Summer League

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Welcome to all friends of The 55′s. It is now the time for the final swan song of MW3 and by crikey this league will deliver what Activision did not. The league now begins. Can I ask that all clan contacts ensure that they get invites out to their respective opponents. Everything you need to  [ Read More ]

The 55′s D6 Vs HoPE Gaming

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D6 just finished playing our first friendly against HoPE. We played League rule where both clans picked 3 modes, maps and spawn points. D6 chose : 1, Domination on Mission 200- 156 2, Demolition on Village 2-0 3, Domination on Arkadden 200-106 HoPE chose : 1, CTF on Hardhat 0-1 2, CTF on Lockdown 0-1  [ Read More ]

Clan Policy Update (6/6/12)

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KanesFist Wrote: As you may or may not be aware we have been in discussion regards our “no-prestige …. ever” policy for some weeks now. This policy stated that no “prestige” on “any COD” amy apply to be a 55. After guidance from the clan we have come to a compromise on the issue. We  [ Read More ]

The 55′s Silver Seals Vs. TMHK Clan

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silversealstmhkclanbatt.jpg  640×480

On May 30, the 55’s Silver Seals played the TMHK clan lead by easyhobbs (for more check out: The 55’s US-based squad was made up of Roger, Titan, Dex, Steel, Brick and Dr D. The tom hanks clan also played with a full lobby of 6. We played three standard Domination matches, with “everything goes”.  [ Read More ]