List of all Official Social Media sites for The 55's
Site Account Description
Chat/Discord The 55's Download the app and join The 55's - Chat.
Twitch 55sClan Follow: 55sClan
Twitter @55sClan Mention/Follow: 55sClan
HashTags: #55sClan, #The55s
Instagram 55sclan Mention/Follow: 55sClan
HashTags: #55sClan, #The55s
FaceBook @55sclan Like/Follow: 55sClan
  • Note 1: If a site (or account) is not listed here please ignore it, we are no longer associated with it.
  • Note 2: Use The 55's - Chat for all Direct Messages (DM) or Private Messages (DM).
  • Note 3: Members only: Your twitch channel (if you have one) will be added to the "Auto Host List". All member's channels will be hosted randomly only if they are live streaming.