Q:   Who are The 55's?

A:   The 55's is a First Person Shooter (FPS) Gaming Clan for the Sony PlayStation (PS) console. For further information, please see the About page and History Book

Q:   How do I apply and join?

A:   Please follow the directions on the Policies page.


Q:   I don't have a PlayStation can I still join?

A:   Maybe...It all depends if the clan supported game has both CrossPlay and CrossChat enabled with the PlayStation Network (PSN).
Note: this is NOT the same as, or compatible with, CrossSave or cross-progression.

Q:   Do I need to have the lastest PlayStation model to join?

A:   Maybe...It all depends if the clan suported game has a Cross-Gen version that includes access to the game on both the previous and current generation of consoles.
With cross-gen enabled games, you can still play on the previous console model until it's not officially supported.