2018 Site News and Updates: March

Clan Update:
  • Recruiting is now open
    • Welcome new recruits!
    • Please read the policies, fill out the application, and add members from the roster
    • Have fun!
  • Clan members: Please update your status
    • Use the application form and note if you are active or on leave
    • Yes, you can now edit your information
Site Updates:
  • Found a new host
    • After a short hiatus the site is now up 
  • Updated template
    • The theme is COD WWII
    • Works well on mobile devices with minor cosmetic issues
  • Added a News and Updates section
    • This is it! you are reading it now! 
    • To be updated with major changes
  • Added new sections to top navigation
    • Made it easier to find the most relevant information to join
    • Included the history of The 55's!
  • Added new sections to footer navigation
    • Typical terms, conditions, policies, etc. 
  • Added fill-in application form
    • Form automatically updates the roster in the "Member" page
    • You can edit your responses later if needed
    • Does not require registration on the forum
  • Added Forum
    • Simple "light" weight forum
    • Allows you to subscribe at any level, all with the same consistent UI
    • You can subscribe at forum-level, thread-level, or post-level
    • Follow up and reply via email
Forum Updates:
  • Added new sections to the forum
    • There are specific sections, some visible only if you register
  • Embedded a picture gallery 
    • Visible to registered users but, open to posting by full members only

Sledgehammer Updates: