Chapter 9: Modern Warfare 2


As the anticipated release of Modern Warfare 2 approached the 55's were bouncing back from loss of some of its original members and one of it's captains. Where other clans would of struggled, The 55's had the reassurance that it's solid and devout servants, the leadership would steer us back on track, and in true 55's classic fashion, that's just what they did!

The sweeping reforms on the polices were introduced including extending application times and overhauling the squad application and transfer systems. This combination of changes resulted in a smoother and secure system for anyone thinking about joining the sacred walls of the 55's.

It also re established the TRUE PRESTIGE list and only the truly dedicated 55's who commit to a squad now get to have their name blazened on the list.

Now not only did the 55's bounce back, they saw a massive insurgency of both new applicants and returning 55's, some of who hadn't been seen around the walls of the 55's in over a year. These returning 55's were also deemed as having to go through the application again to affirm their commitment to the 55's. The squads were all filling nicely and The 55's rolled on to MW2 in force!

With the 3rd Tribute band also came problems for our close friends and allies at the AMW clan. They suffered huge player losses due to Tributes luring it's members to a new clan, The 55's stood by AMW in its creator and assured AMW that it will always stand by them, the 2 oldest COD clans from the IWF days still strong, and united in our respect for each other!

MW2 in its infantry was rough for the 55's, with a shaky start it soon became a free for all in most games as members put personal play before team play, it wasn't long before the iron fist came down and KanesFist announced the honeymoon was over.

Within a few weeks the 55's were back to business 55's style, destroying the prestige and working as one for the common goal, Toon's army took to GB and OG set the stage for 2010's GB encounters.

We also hit the record for applicants with over 35 p55's joining us in nov/dec, leading to a record of 9 on the poll, with Christmas just around the corner it was an exciting time.

As seen throughout our history, some bad apples manage to fall through the cracks and with such an influx of new apps there came many bad apples.....but with that also came several good ones. Along side the famous names such as Ric who again streaked in to the 55's skies with all the style and panache of Hayley's comet, bringing back his wit, humour and flair, we had a few new apps that also showed a twinkle of something special.

It was obvious from the start that out of the swelling list of applicants waiting to go to poll that one name stuck a shining silver star....and whispers around the walls of the 55's encampment were rampant....could it be...another true born 55?

As this Silver stared app neared his poll it became obvious this was a person who was born to be a 55...he needed no guidance in the ways of the 55's...he needed no encouragement to study polices, procedures and founding ways of the clan....even throughout his application he became a strong voice in the clans ethos and spent his time guiding other applicants in the ways of the 55.

The day soon came where he recived his silver stars from the grand poobah and took his rightfull place as a full and devoted servant of the 55's and to this day still serves as shining light to applicants and fellow 55's alike.

This individual was born to be a 55....and will be a 55 for life...and as such, SlickTheFirst's name will live on in the 55's History for many many years to come.

It is not often that one single applicant will have such a positive and devoted spirit.....but what was this...within weeks...could it be true...could there be another shining star on the horizion?

to be continued....