Chapter 8: The new era of GB


As ordered, the Squads set up separate GameBattles Teams and embarked in to a true test. The results were mixed but lessons were learned and new tactics were employed.

Unfortunately summer was upon us and the clans members dwindled due to vacations and summer commitments. GB slowed down but a looming problem arose.........this was the days of the KILL FRENZIE!!

A new trend was sweeping the clan, the Teamwork that had made the 55's such a strong clan was been lost to the new trend of going for kills. It ran rampant like a plague among our sacred walls. Unbeknownst to many, this new fad was causing deeper damage, damage that may never heal.

During this time the clan held its 2009 Summer Games, another gladiator style cage tourney that despite diverse tactics by some to ruin it, ran smoothly and again placed Bozak at the top and allowed him to remain The 55's Cage Champ for the remainder of 2009.

This was also the time of another dark moment in the 55's History, when another group of individuals stepped off the sacred path and took the dark side, turning thier backs to the 55's and friendships and put individual gains and preferences before the clan.This also brought about some major changes to the clan policys and some sweeping reforms that reafirmed the clans foundation and brought The 55's a step closer to MW2.

"Now on a serious note....i would like to make this history more of an education to those who are thinking about following in the tyson and Tribute foot steps....i want this history to show them that there is no life after the 55's....what i mean is that the GET$ clan died out only a couple of months after it's departure from this clan. I'm sure the Tribute clan is close to doing the same...."

-Dark Nite

to be continued.....