Chapter 7: The Rebirth of the Squads


With one squad crippled and reeling from the departure of the Tributes, and members at an all time low, there was a gloomy haze over the Blessed House of 55`s, but as always, every cloud has a silver lining, and in the case of the 55`s, a silver 5 stars lines our walls.

Within days The Squads had been restructured. A member of leadership now took each squad and with the squads assigned Captains the entire clan was kicked in to high gear, A new and fresh recruitment campaign was started and the clans polices were reinforced.

Within weeks the new applicants going to the polls was almost a full time job and with another wave of members committing to redemption and casting aside there old prestige accounts the 55`s numbers climbed.

The entire clan was again, buzzing, the focus was back on track and again the Leadership had turned a troubled time in to a positive outcome and steered the 55`s back on track. The early part of 2009 was busy, With the 55`s getting wet feet in new games like Killzone 2 as well as a massive number of members returning to our roots on COD4.

The return of The 55`s to COD4 was immense, regular clan battles were taking place, as well as holding some in clan tournaments Including the First 55`s Cage Battles, where Bozak wrote himself in to the 55`s History along side some of the 55`s all time great players.

The Squads suddenly had new focus and training schedules and Joint tactical strategies were worked on.....Team work was back, and the Prestige were taking a real beating on the battle field. It was around this time a very special person was blessed and finally welcomed in to the 55's.

A young lad had applied way back in Sept of 2008 but was turned down due to a lack of activity during his probation, despite this he had got himself highly active and reapplied, unluckily for him this was just as our new 17 years policy came in to effect and his age was below this, but as he was so active and highly respectful it was decided he could wear the [p55] tag and continue playing with the 55's but as a long term p55.

5 months later this young lad was still playing with his p55 tag and had never once complained, and Leadership decided despite his age he had more than deservedly earned his stars, Drew was blessed on Feb 20th 2009 and went in to the 55's history books as the longest serving p55 ever.

The 55`s were booming......