Chapter 6: Troubled Times


So November and W@W is released, a new boom for the clan with new applicants and the squads starting to organise, but there is a small band within the clan that started causing disruptions, with so much going on most were resolved and it was thought that bad feelings were swept aside, but perhaps not.

During this time there was some Policy changes, including upping the minimum age to join to 17, with exceptions where Leadership felt it was within the clans best Interest. It was also re-affirmed that despite any previous talk, that to Join the 55's you could not be prestiged in either COD4 or W@W.  This upset some who wanted to manipulate the polices to their own gain, and again troubles ensued.

This was also a time when our performance had slid and our GB teams on W@W were not doing well, Teamwork was at an all time low and the constant troubles were becoming too much for many who started avoiding the forums all together. This came to an eruption with the results another dark time for the 55's....but this time most were prepared for it, I will quote Kanes response to the times.

"I know many of you are new recruits and probably don't know what I am going on about but I do think that you should be reminded that the subversive tactics employed with the defection of the tribute band were to the detriment of The 55's and its members. One of the afore mentioned was worse than most.

A collection of individuals left the clan not long ago. Some of them had been trying to get people either demoted from their positions in the clan or out the clan altogether. They became a clan within a clan or simply wanted to run the clan. Subversive tactics were employed. It culminated in some people leaving the clan. The majority in fact all of them were from the Royal Knights squad. They left and set themselves up as the Royal Knights Clan .... hence the "Tribute Band" reference. Some of them did their best to get others to follow .... but alas they forgot what it is to be a 55 ...... no more left.


Some of us and I include myself in that felt that they turned their backs not just on their friends but more importantly what it was to be a 55. Some of them have been reported to have gone to the mincing fckn prestige .... and you know how i feel about that. They learned nothing during their time here.

I never thought I would be like this and it is absolutely in no way petty. I loved some of those guys like many of you did ..... but THEY .... turned their back ..... and ..... a bit more. What happened .... happened .... but it will not be allowed to happen again.

As I have said before:

Its The 55's way ..... or the Highway

The 55's above all .... above race ..... above creed ..... above colour, country and most importantly above those filthy mincing prestige


Again, the 55's bounced back stronger and more powerful and a Fresh start was born....