Chapter 5: An old Friend Unites


Well this is my chapter...and my personal history with the 55's.

I was much like everyone else by xmas 2007, new to PS3 online gaming, fed up of COD4 fucking up, and spent a lot of time on IWF....where i met some fantastic friends and hatched a concept of creating a clan.

The Canadians [CDN] was born and the same as Blip did for the 55's wild and I created a full website and we flourished, one of the main reasons we flourished was down to regularly playing a very close allie called The 55's.

The 55's and CDN used to play regular clan matches and also just team up and play. I had been friends with many of the 55's for some time and had known many from the day the 55's site was created, yet it was Merk and Toon who I first played along side on overgrown Domination.

The 55's and the CDN ran so close together, we had the same principals and shared the same morals, only difference many of CDN were prestiged. We went through some really tough times and Kane, the leadership and the 55's were always there to help and assist us every time, a great friendship had flourished.

But the tires of leadership were starting to show on wild and I, we played with 55's more than CDN now, and the 55's held every thing that we held sacred, including the 5 stars that had been along side our names since we reached the True Prestige.....also the PM's and comments were starting to make more sense, we had got to a point where no..we couldn't deny it, we were born 55's. So much to the dismay of CDN we stepped down and applied to the 55's in the fall of 2008.

The rest is History, no longer just a visitor in chat every night, we were part of the brotherhood...and sisterhood with wild been the first female to Join. Over the next few months several of the CDN clan discovered their true calling and many renounced their Prestige badges to apply here, adding many old faces to the 55's, with new PSN's and showing more than ever that a badge is just a badge, but the 5 stars is a religion!