Chapter 3: The Gathering of the Clans


By April the Clan was back to full power and on a massive roll, the talk at IWF was nothing but the 55's and a certain Prestiged clan called Non Forgiving Assasisns [NFA]

Constant heckling from them and their gold cross leader Punisher101 got to the point where a major clan battle was arranged and was the talk of the forums for weeks......the Mighty 55's smashed NFA and finally laid all doubts about the holy 5 stars to rest, and also started a new era, It was the time of the Gathering.

The 55's had already built a fantastic reputation of respect and true gaming, so many clans jumped in on the offer of a 55's hosted league.

The 55's created the squads and entered 4 squads to compete against CDN 1,2 & 3, NFA UK, TRN EU, AMW 1,2 & 3, EKM, NFA US, SnM, HLC, TRN US, zTo are just the ones I remember.

It was a great time and brought many close friends together and united many alliances. It was very successful and the 55's proved a strong clan and won many of there games.

It also proved that the 55's were here for good, and to my knowllage only 2 other clans that entered that league are still around today, and only 1 is active.