Chapter 1: The Birth of a religion


The conception of The 55's came about on what was one of the most popular hangouts for anyone who was in to COD4.....the Infinity Ward Forums, IWF for short. This forum was very busy and had thousands of people using it daily from all walks of life, all ages and all over the world. There was however even within the first few months of COD4's release, one section of the forum that became the most popular....the clan section.  With this friendships, alliances and hatred was sporn and also the birth of the 55's. a Clan of people who refused to walk the dark path of the Prestige a band of brothers sworn together to uphold the sacred 5 stars......a group of people who would change history.....if you are reading this, then you my brother are one of them.

Now the founding members if I get this right were Kane, Broly, Blip, Ricflair. Blip is not only a founder, but also the person who has supplied us with our home here at he paid for the site and it's hosting.

This site was opened and the forums went live early January 2008 with the next few months seeing its membership grow. KanesFist, a natural leader worked tierlessly and with the help of the other founders created the Policys and Rules that we now hold so dearly. The application process was created and the p55 tag suddenly became a common sight on PSN. The 55's thread on the IWF also sprung in to life and by early feb was the biggest thread on the IWF, some days it could be a full time job just keeping up with it.

The 55's soon became the hot topic on IWF, and a group of clans gelled to form what was known as the IWF crowd....where some hated you, some respected you but all knew one another. Now been a Non Prestige clan in among so many prestige was like dangling a carrot to an ass and the 55's took a lot of stick especially by several all prestige clans, the most noted been [NFA] but more on that later....The 55's stood proud and soon became well known there.

A solid leadership was formed, Kanesfist, Blip45, Xx_BROLY_Xx, h3rb1x, RicFlariW000 and XXPAXX stood watch and helped guide the clan in the right way. It was soon joined by Toon, a night where I was actually present in chat with Toon when Kane announced that he was making him part of the leadership team.

And the 55's was born.....

In the beginning there was only those who minced and whined about their stats indulging in self-glorification and sel-indulgence. We shall call this the era of Sodomy or Prestige ... they both mean the same !!!

I planted a flag in the IWF forum more of frustration and anger than anything, stating that ONLY 5 Star warriors would be considered for the clan. The other clans recruited members based on their skills, level and stats which only fuelled the egos of the clans and their applicants. We took anyone as long as they werent a prestige i.e statwat

When The 55's banner was first raised much scorn and ridicule was poured on our section. The Prestige scoffed 'you are just shit scared because you dont want to lose your guns' my response was often:

"no you are quite wrong my mincing foe .... the only reason The 55's are here is to sort out you mincing bastards. You will eventually gain a Gold Cross and regain ALL your weapons. That is when you will rue your poor, ill thought and feeble words. It will be this Gold Cross that a 55 rips from your corpse. We are immovable in our ideals. We move, fight and die as one in complete 55's unity and harmony. We shall not falter, we shall not fear, we shall not die and in hell we shall regroup and one day rid this earth of ALL you mincing bastards."

Many rallied to the flag and rapidly we gained respect throughout IWF. Our threads were by far the most popular and I think we must have a record for having two threads shelved which both had the most number of posts in any of their forums. But this wasnt posting for posting sake. In our thread you found sanctuary from stat padding, cheaters/ glitchers and megalomaiacs. In our thread you found fun.

It became that we got too big for IWF and a vistor from the heavens came in the shape of Blip45. He insisted in building us a home for the brethern.

- KanesFist