This thread will be dedicated to the history of the 55's and its past. Please if you have any input post it up and I will add it in to this opening post.

This is something Kane has been asking me to do for some time and I feel right now it is needed more than ever to give new members as well as many current members a glimpse in to just who, what where and when the 55's have been and came from.

This will be a work in progress and any contributions are most welcome. If I get any dates and time lines as well as facts wrong please let me know as i'm getting old and forgetful and I have a LOT of memories in regards to this clan ..LOL

I will be including both the good times...and the bad. I know many like to forget the nightmares we have been through with the likes of Tyson and the Tributes, but I think its important for everyone and especially new members to understand what has made us so strong and what the 55's have overcome.

As I write it I will ask questions on parts i am unsure of and hopefully some one will be able to fill in the blanks.

- EnglishnWild