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55's COD A-Z in 10 min 
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Post 55's COD A-Z in 10 min
Just to make something clear for the "naïve" of us out there. Lets go over what we have learned here from extensive gameplay on COD.


Do not kid yourself that you are simply awesomely skilled or conversely shit at COD. Games like COD are 80-90% connection.

By connection I mean you have a low ping latency and a clean line. In games like COD it creates a very high demand on your connection. It is high graphic/sound content in relatively small maps with many players moving close to each other.

Mixed region lobbies continue to be a nightmare. Depending on the blend of players and regions they are in it can sometimes work to your benefit. For example I played in Spanish servers with supposed 4 green bars most of yesterday and it was utter shite. I then joined Arty and got dragged onto Canadian servers and it was a piece of piss .... easy to kill and rarely got killed. You should not avoid playing with each other or exclusively only play with some because of this, just be aware.

Ways to improve your situation:
Contact your ISP and go Fibre
Move house
Always play with other 55's
Try to split into regions if possible
If your connection is shit then adapt = Camp

2 - General COD Tactics
We are all about the team. As before we have acknowledged that connection is a big factor but EVERYONE has their place in our Squads.

If you have a good connection then you need to take the fight to the enemy but you need to work in pairs to do this effectively. Don't run back to areas you got owned in. Take a 55 and go through alternative routes. As an attacker being unpredictable is your strength and will help us create pressure on the enemy.

Camping is your only hope.
If you don't have a good connection ..... then camp. Use claymores (mines) at back flags or choke points. Always use ambush don't rush into a fight as you WILL get pwned. It is not because you are not fast enough .... its your connection is not fast enough. You may still get killed but you need to make sure the team know flags have been compromised so they can react. Don't wait until your dead .... let the squad they are coming and how many.

Camping is critical on things like DOM back flags and CTF. It of course has to be balanced as the person camping at the back will invariably end up with the rest of the team spawning on them as and when they die. What we used to do was if we were struggling getting out of our areas is either rotate back flag duties or periodically get forward to help out .... die and get back to your area.

Don't give the enemy free killstreaks. Running in and adding your deaths to the enemy killstreaks will simply make it difficult for the whole squad. Not saying don't show sacrifice but be mindful of this.

Communication wins games. This is essential and brings everything together. When we have our game heads on there is no time for moaning, groaning, running commentary of how awesome you are. The SQL or someone who shows the aptitude should be making the calls and everyone constantly reporting back to them. Of particular importance is telling the back flag man if there is someone on their way to him and vitally is listening for his call that he is in danger of losing the backflag.

3. 55's etiquette
As a 55 you by now should know we ALL play for each other. You do not call out a fellow 55's performance unless they are simply not giving a shit or not following teamwork and objective directives.

You should make every effort to pick up a 55 and show patience if your waiting to be picked up. Yes we all have other friends outside the clan but whats the point joining a clan and not playing with them.

Friend or Foe we treat them the same. Let them bitch talk all they like. We say nothing ..... if we lose .... you don't look stupid ...... if we win ..... there is nothing sweeter than listening silently to their screeches of frustration.

In the name of the gun, the stars and the holy 55's.
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Post Re: 55's COD A-Z in 10 min
to add to this...


Currently getting IN to a game of GW is the biggest issue...seems if we have 7 or more players we really struggle to find a game...with 9 it was almost impossible and when you do chances are half of you will have the shittiest connection to host so dont bother...split up!

Team Tactical is 3 man appears we will have more than 6 on at peak times so split up and play in smaller teams till you get down to 6 left online.

Send a messege if you want in...the COD4 menu shows whos online but NOT if your on the game. having to jump out to PSN friends list is a pain so if you log on and want to play send a PSN messege to someone whos in the lobby or to a Leadership member whos playing.

if you are hosting the lobby...change the party to OPEN so folk can just join....this speeds things up!

PATIENCE when waiting to find a game...we are a big clan...some times its tough to find opposing teams as they drop out of the lobby when they see 6+ [55's] facing them.

If the first few mins of the game are brutal...drop out..chances are you have a shite host from Pluto or the third ring of saturn and this makes the game not much all agree to drop out...wait for your lobby host to back you all out together and find a new game.


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Post Re: 55's COD A-Z in 10 min
well explained ,, but for me none of this works XD ,, last time i joined with the 55's in a cod:mwr lobby i guess i was having a 300+ ping & could not talk in chat due to voice interruption ,, so yea ,, just PTFO for me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , atleast i can play with you guys without getting kicked out every other game just like bo3 before . :violence-ak47:


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