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[STICKY] How a 55 Plays 
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Post [STICKY] How a 55 Plays

A 55 Takes it like a man

Where others stamp their feet and push out their bottom lip, when a 55 loses he goes back to hell to re-group. A 55 is above outward rage, he will doubtless fume with internalised fury at his allies’ inadequacy or his opponent’s foul tactics.
The 55 swallows his anger, washes it away with a swig of Jack Daniels, and takes lessons away from defeat. He/she will later apply said lessons to the face of his next opponent; not unlike randomly punching a kitten after being bitten by a dog.

A 55 Remains Calm and carries on

In victory or defeat the 55 is humble and friendly, congratulating foes on a good game, and when faced with foes who throw insults, sarcastically asking why said foes wouldn’t rather congratulate him on his performance as he has them.
Such behaviour will single out the 55 as an intelligent leader to allies, but more importantly, will infuriate the caddish enemies. No action boils the piss faster than total calm and silence in the face of blind rage.

A 55 Entertains his guests

The microphone is the 55's best friend. He will address his anonymous allies and foes in the lobby, making light whimsy and downplaying his own skills, insulating himself against the mirth which ensues when a trash talking cad is battered by a softly spoken gentlemanly(or ladylike) 55.

A 55 Takes lessons and imparts knowledge

The 55 knows defeat in a game isn’t always his fault alone, but doesn’t blame his team for his losses. Instead, when leadership is absent, the 55 takes charge by declaring his intentions and inviting others to follow. Some will; perhaps enough to make a difference.
Defeat is temporary and only makes a 55 stronger

A 55 Will look after not only himself and his brothers/ sisters but others in the lobbyOn occasion, the 55 will be called upon to handle a gaming lout. Taking the high ground has its own moral privilege, but no fight is ever clean. The 55 doesn’t hurl loutish insults, instead probing the enemy for psychological weakness.
A fine tactic is exaggerated self-praise, every win should be celebrated with apparently genuine pity offered to the rotter. Such conversational terrorism should render the rotter an incoherent mess.
Of course, not all rotters are inferior on the battlefield to a 55, and will smash said 55, and do so in the most ungentlemanly manner and with hurtful words.
A non 55 might be tempted to question the rotter’s lack of social skills or mock his mother’s doubtless promiscuity. Not a 55 he subverts the lout’s natural homophobia by declaring his love for him and defeat and asking to be 'punished' again. Cussing will ensue, the 55 gamer laughs and departs as always with the upper hand.

A 55 Is your best friend and worst nightmare

You win with good humour a 55 congratulates you; you lose with grace and the 55 wishes you look in the future. Behave disgracefully and the 55 has every tool he needs to punish you. Rage and the 55 is calm, curse him and he laughs, defeat a 55 he is indifferent, play him again and a 55 will have learned and bettered himself.
The 55 is a gentlemanly gamer, a 55 has friends and knows people who will sleep with him (or her), because he is not a racist, homophobic douchnozzle like so many of the prestige. In short being a 55 online is the key to online gaming happiness, while being a trash talking prestige is rubbish.


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